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Lucas County Court of Common Pleas, OH courthouse AWARD 276x184
JSI for the WIN!
By JSI on November 16, 2015 in

Lucas County Common Pleas Court in Ohio has been in the Jury Systems Incorporated family for over a decade.   However, in this ever-changing environment, we understand that from time to time a Court may need to perform their due diligence in ensuring the products and services they are utilizing are truly best for their business application and usage.

JSI had the opportunity to respond to the RFP released by Lucas County, OH to once again prove why we are still the best jury management provider in the business!  The Court has chosen to upgrade to our latest browser-based JMS, JURY+ Web Generation (from their current Windows-based, JURY+ Next Generation)

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Court Technology Conference 2015 Recap
By JSI on October 6, 2015 in

Wow!  CTC 2015 was quite a whirlwind, wasn’t it?  First off, a big thanks goes out to everyone at the National Center for State Courts who helped put this fantastic event together- cheers for making this such a great experience for both exhibitors and attendees alike!  Wendy M. Riley, our newest Project Manager and Education Coordinator, noted: “The Exhibit Show Room was fabulous, spacious, and functional.  The event coordinators really did a great job and thought of just about everything.”  We understand this conference must be quite an undertaking and JSI is happy to play a small part in it every other year.

At the show, Jury Systems Incorporated was ecstatic to have the opportunity to exhibit for the 1000+ attendees and demonstrate our newest JURY+ Solutions. 

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Online Responses Growing in the Jury World
By JSI on February 18, 2015 in

We are proud to announce the three most recent go-lives for JURY+ Web Solution will benefit over 1.3 million citizens in the state of California!  The counties of Kern, Merced, and Yolo have each successfully implemented our online juror response which allows those summoned to qualify or disqualify themselves for service, update their contact information, change their reporting date, request a postponement, review their service status and more.  Not only is this great news for jurors, but it significantly benefits those in the jury office as well.  JURY+ Web Solution allows staff members to save time where they would otherwise manually enter summons that have been mailed back completed. The application also acts as another means for jurors to retrieve information so they may not need to call the jury office. 

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Groundbreaking Work With The Third Judicial Circuit Of Michigan
By JSI on November 13, 2013 in

The Third Judicial Circuit is the largest Circuit in Michigan with 63 judges and 3 operating divisions. Located in Detroit and serving all of Wayne County, the Third Circuit Court’s Jury Services Department has been a Jury Systems Incorporated client since the early 1990’s. Like other Michigan courts, the Third Circuit Court has historically operated their jury management using a 2-Step qualification and summons process.

In November of 2012, the Third Circuit Administration team and JSI held a project planning meeting in Detroit to discuss building a new JURY+ Jury Management System. The scope of the project included data conversion from JURY+ Classic to JURY+ Next Generation and adding the JURY+ Web Solution and JURY+ Imaging Solution applications with the new system.

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