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Online Responses Growing in the Jury World
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By JSI on February 18, 2015 in

We are proud to announce the three most recent go-lives for JURY+ Web Solution will benefit over 1.3 million citizens in the state of California!  The counties of Kern, Merced, and Yolo have each successfully implemented our online juror response which allows those summoned to qualify or disqualify themselves for service, update their contact information, change their reporting date, request a postponement, review their service status and more.  Not only is this great news for jurors, but it significantly benefits those in the jury office as well.  JURY+ Web Solution allows staff members to save time where they would otherwise manually enter summons that have been mailed back completed. The application also acts as another means for jurors to retrieve information so they may not need to call the jury office.  Furthermore, because the summons and/or questionnaire completed via the online response is stored electronically within the core jury management system, it can easily be retrieved if needed.

Last week, our team was at the NACM Midyear Conference in Lost Pines, TX where a FACT Forum took place regarding technology in today’s courts.  During the program, respondents who work at courts all across the country were asked a series of questions regarding their court’s current technology standing.  Via an interactive poll in real time, both the panel of experts (which included Jury Systems Incorporated) as well as the respondents were able to see the group’s answers to each question and discuss the results.  One of the questions asked participants if their (individual) court was currently able to qualify and complete juror questionnaires/summons online, which are just two features of JURY+ Web Solution.  We were happy to see that 60% of the participants, whom are from courts of all sizes and locations, were able to answer YES!

With the addition of Kern, Merced, and Yolo counties, we can only hope that more courts realize the benefits of using an online response and take the opportunity to try it out.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to see a personalized demo.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the NACM Midyear Conference!  It was nice to see everyone and we hope to see you again soon!