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More West Coast Implementations!
By JSI on May 12, 2015 in

JURY+ Web Solution has certainly been trending on the West Coast lately!  Jury Systems Incorporated is proud to announce two additional clients who have gone into production with the application within the past couple of weeks.  The Superior Courts of California, Counties of Butte and Yuba are now able to allow prospective jurors to go online to update personal information, qualify/disqualify themselves for service, check their status, or even request a postponement.  As residents will now have the opportunity to respond in this manner, the potential for FTA (failure to appear) jurors decreases.  Giving jurors more options and access to the jury office without creating extra work for court personnel is essential with the need for increased efficiency in today’s busy world.

Practical examples are important in realizing additional benefits for the JURY+ Web Solution module.  For instance, Butte County is home to a large university, California State University at Chico.  Instead of missing classes to serve jury duty, a full-time student at CSU Chico could request a postponement using JURY+ Web Solution until their next school break.  This benefits both the jury office as well as the potential jurors because it allows both parties to appropriately schedule accordingly.  The jury office will now know when the prospective juror can reasonably begin service, while the student can focus on schoolwork and arrange for an accommodating time to serve their local community and contribute to our American system of justice.

Although any Yuba County prospective juror can take advantage of this, we wanted to share another example.  Like many counties throughout the nation, Yuba is home to an Air Force base, which houses thousands of military personnel.  As service men and women may participate in various tours (and even relocation) due to the nature of their job, those who are summoned may use the JURY+ Web Solution application to update their address or even request a postponement as needed.  Using this module, the jury office can obtain a better understanding of how many people will be coming in to serve on a given day.  Jurors updating their address also allows the court to cut down on returned mailings, while also taking the extra work of inputting the new address information away from the jury staff as it automatically updates in their core JMS.

Congrats to the Superior Courts of California, Counties of Butte and Yuba for empowering their prospective jurors and making their jury operations more efficient for both their users as well as the public!

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