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Best Wishes Upon Retirement!
By JSI on December 5, 2013 in

The time has come for us to say goodbye to one of our dearly cherished associates.  It is with warm wishes that we announce the retirement of Mary O’Donnell, our Director of Sales.  Mary has been with Jury Systems Incorporated for over 12 years.  She first came to our company after running the San Luis Obispo Superior Court, serving as the Jury Services Supervisor, where she had been employed for more than 13 years.

To our delight, Mary joined JSI in May of 2001 when she began to work for our company as a Trainer.  Due to her expertise in jury management, she was able to provide valuable contributions and insight regarding product implementation and training in order to best benefit each client.  Mary’s personable nature, warm presence, and down-to-earth qualities made the transition to her current role as Director of Sales a clear choice.  Her applied knowledge helped with the expansion of our business and assisted in molding us into the industry leader we are today.  For those who have met or spoken with Mary over the years, we are confident you’ll attest to her friendly and genuine demeanor.

Although we will miss Mary, she has worked hard throughout her career and has earned the opportunity to enjoy more time with her family.  We appreciate all the work she has done for both the growth of our business as well the value brought to our clients.  Everyone at JSI wishes her all the best and we hope she enjoys a happy, healthy, well-deserved retirement.  Good luck on the course!