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Summer 2014 Wrap-Up
By JSI on October 30, 2014 in

The summer of 2014 was full of activity here at Jury Systems Incorporated, both in the office as well as on-site at client locations.  When we weren’t on the East Coast assisting the three new Maryland courts who joined the consolidated state system (Anne Arundel, Harford, and Frederick counties), we also jumped to the West Coast for Lewis County, Washington’s go-live in June.  Lewis County has the honor of being labeled our ‘WA Sweet 16’, as they are our 16th Washington client to date!  Their purchase of our core JMS software, JURY+ Next Generation, has helped the court update and streamline their jury operation while saving staff time and taxpayer money.

This past July, we also popped over to the Buckeye State in Ashtabula County, Ohio for their go-live with JURY+ Next Generation as well as JURY+ Shoebox ARM.  The latter module benefits courts who print their questionnaires and/or summons in house and want to make sure they are sending documents to the most current address on file; plus the application can be run as many times per year as a client wishes.  Doing so not only tracks forwarding and undeliverable addresses, it saves on postage, paper, and time.  The process eliminates the jury office from needing to manually key in changes as the new information automatically updates in JURY+ Next Generation.

We mentioned earlier this year about the Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma choosing JSI as their new jury management system provider, and they went live this past September.  The court is utilizing JURY+ Next Generation, JURY+ Web Solution, and JURY+ Voice Solution.  In fact, Sonoma will be accepting their first reporting jurors next week!

Besides these six full JMS projects, we have also had the opportunity to help out some of our existing customers in installing additional modules to assist with their large workloads.  Both Lyon County, Nevada and the Superior Court of California, County of Del Norte now allow their jurors to go online with JURY+ Web Solution to update information, qualify/disqualify themselves, or ask for a postponement.

There are a LOT of projects happening here during the fourth quarter to wrap up the year, so stay tuned!  Keep up to date with what we’re up to by checking back regularly or by connecting with us via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.