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Jury Systems Incorporated is an American company founded in 1997 by IT experts and former court professionals with the sole purpose of helping jury managers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Leadership — Over Decades in the Making

Our story began back in 1988 when, after two years of analysis and design, we created a custom mainframe Jury Management System (JMS) for the Los Angeles Superior Court, the largest jury operation in the world.
In 1990, we unveiled our JURY+ Classic system-an extremely popular solution engineered to run on PCs and LANs, which we ultimately deployed in over 250 state and county courts across the country.
Later, we issued a new version (JURY+ Next Generation) built on a relational database, and including a graphical user interface.

JURY+ Next Generation

The initial version of our acclaimed flagship solution, JURY+ Next Generation, was released in 1999, and has continued evolving ever since, incorporating new technologies such as image processing, online juror access, an IVR interface, mobile apps, SMS texting, and more.
Today, with an entire suite of innovative products, unrivaled service, and a staff of seasoned professionals ready to assist clients 24/7, we empower the success of jury managers in over 500 courts throughout the US.

JURY+ Web Generation

In 2014, our team was thrilled to release JURY+ Web Generation, a browser-based core JMS unlike any other product on the market.  This browser-based jury management system takes the best functions and features of JURY+ Next Generation, and developed the product on a new platform.  Previous JURY+ Next Generation clients are thrilled with the product and have been extremely successful in transitioning to this new product.   

More Installations Than Any Other JMS Solution

Jury Systems has provided state-based solutions in:

Arizona                       Delaware                 Massachusetts
Minnesota                   Vermont                   Virginia
West Virginia              Maryland                   Guam
U.S. Virgin Islands     New Mexico

We also support clients in the following states:

California                  Colorado                     Florida
Illinois                        Indiana                        Kansas
Kentucky                   Michigan                     Missouri
Nevada                      North Carolina            Ohio
Oregon                      Pennsylvania              Tennessee
Texas                         Washington

As well as Canada:

Newfoundland and Labrador

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